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About Yahoo Finance

Yahoo finance is a property of Yahoo which provides financial news, data as well as commentary related to stocks, press releases, and reports related to finance along with some online tools to support personal finance.

Talking about Yahoo finance shutting down, it is quite a 50-50 percent chance for both scenarios to take place. Though other reliable alternatives like Yahoo finance have shut down recently, Yahoo has survived until now without disturbing its value.

Alternative for Yahoo Finance

Users of yahoo finance are looking for an alternative because of the redesign of Yahoo finance. But, yahoo finance acts as a nucleus for Yahoo, which brings them a lot of exposure on the web.

While looking for an alternative for Yahoo finance, there are certain traits that should be considered to choose the one best suited. An alternative which tracks the annualized total return would work as a good alternative for Yahoo finance. Yahoo finance does not show the performance of each year which is not very helpful to know how finances over the year are managed. Yahoo does not track dividends. An alternative which tracks dividends can be a good alternative for Yahoo. Tracking of dividends plays an important role in performance return, it has an impact on the fees for brokerage, fluctuations in the foreign currency and factors included in the corporate sides such as share splits and dividends. Since Yahoo does not do this, the alternative should be such that it takes into account all such peculiarities.