Posted on: April 17, 2019 Posted by: Jeanette George Comments: 0

Perfect life means having everything that one desires and this ain’t possible. All we are doing is seeking for an ideal life. You may believe you have the best job but maybe it isn’t. You may assume you are the best daughter or girlfriend, maybe you are not. There is no perfect classification but this is what I derived through my learning’s:


  • Health


What do we procrastinate the most? Our fitness and our dietary regimen! Tomorrow only exists when you stay healthy.


  • Do what you love


Every person is trapped professionally, personally, culturally or socially. Create a bucket list and try to attain it in this lifetime. Life is prolonged when you keep doing what pleasures you; let it be travel, hobbies, adventure, anything.


  • Fall in love


Have an open heart and you will fall in love with your life. There is no greater blessing than being reciprocated for your love, may it be friends, family, sweetheart or children. Do not serve those who do not care for you because that will make you unhappy for no reason.


  • Let go of material attachment


No matter how much wealth and riches you possess peace of mind and contentment is still not for sale. Live life more freely, materialistic attachment for the sake of the world cannot provide comfort.


  • Be positive and passionate about life


Having positivity and passion for the smallest things; makes life a learning experience and worth-living.

After all, it’s your life, make it beautiful. Human beings are the only living creatures who have so many choices.