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There are four main kinds of wood burning fire pits to select from. These include clay, cast iron, stainless steel and stone. Clay is by far the most popular because it is lightweight, easy to clean up, and very affordable. Clay fire pits may be portable or permanent in shape.

The most common kind of wood burning fire pits, and also the least expensive, are made of clay. Clay is a durable material that is sturdy and is not at all malleable. Because it is extremely hard, it can withstand being hammered by hammers for shaping and the like. A properly formed fire bowl will not collapse if struck on the sides. If this type of pit is placed outside, be prepared to spend many hours of sunshine on its clean up.

Cast iron is a heavy duty, dependable material that makes ideal outdoor living space heaters. Although they cost more than clay fire pits, the quality of construction leaves them with a look and feel that equals that of the much less expensive clay. Cast iron outdoor fire pits require very little cleaning up after they are used because the material is so heavy. They also look and feel exactly as they did the day they were made.

Propane and natural gas fire pits are very reasonably priced. They provide even heating for an outdoor space, and they do not produce smoke. This is an advantage since the smoke is supposed to kill insects when they are burning. Many people are surprised to learn that gel fuel fire pits Sydney cost more to use than wood burning fire pits. Because propane and natural gas fire pits run off of natural sources (such as liquid propane) they have to charge an additional amount of fuel for each fire that burns.

Most people who own a wood-burning pit find that they use fewer wood pieces overall, saving money on wood. This is because they do not need to buy a large quantity of wood to get a consistent heat output. When wood is bought in bulk, it costs more. This is one advantage of outdoor fire pits over wood burning fireplaces.

Wood burning pits may be easier to build than propane fire pits. However, there are some people who find that wood pits are easier to start and maintain than propane pits are. This is because you do not need to store so much wood in order to have enough heat to make fire.

Having to store a large amount of wood for your wood-burning fire pits can be very inconvenient. If you do not have a place to keep all the wood pieces after you have burned it, you will have no fire. This inconvenience is usually eliminated by having a portable pit. In this way, you can bring wood wherever you go, so you do not have to worry about finding a nice place to put the wood. Portable wood-burning fire pits are nice because you do not have to worry about having to dispose of all the wood waste after you have finished using it. There is also no smoke produced with wood fire pits, unlike with most gas-powered fireplaces.

Your outdoor living space will look more attractive with the addition of a fire pit. You can get some nice decorative effects with a fire pit as well, such as creating a dancing fire, or creating an illusion of flames around your fire pit. Also, you will have the benefit of having heat when you need it, instead of just having a nice sofa or couch burn easily. Wood-burning fire pits make great additions to your outdoor living space.