Why is Computer Technology called Information Technology?


Computer Technology also referred to as Information Technology is not just a simple study of computers. It is basically using the computers in sending and storing all sorts of data and information related to the field of work and various businesses and contexts that can be easily revived. It is because of the utility of the system that this is also referred to as ICT or Information and Communication Technology. This includes everything from the basics, starting from the software and the hardware and finally, managing the whole system altogether.

The aspects of Computer Technology:

There are various technologies employed that help in the overall saving and storing various data’s. These are then processed to valuable information for the system to understand. Therefore, there are various phases of the Information Technology Industry and they are as follows:

  • Pre-mechanical Phase, which had started as early as 3000 BC, continued till the 15th century
  • The mechanical phase, which began in the year 1450, continued till the year 1840.
  • The electromechanical phase, which began in the year 1840 and continued until the 20th century.
  • The recent phase is the electronic phase, which is even continuing today.

The basics of the computer have to be cleared in order to understand all the basics steps that are directed towards IT. Further, most of the information technology firms maintain their standard of work in every way and make possible inputs altogether. This not only helps in the overall functioning of the people but also helps in utilizing the information in a different way.