INKAS Armored cars company: it’s the tough guy

Have you ever imagined yourself I one of those action movies? Bullets flying all across and you’re gripping onto your steering wheel whizzing past bullets? You’re holding your breath wishing you could dodge all the bullets. Well, it might really help if you had an armored car which was kind of a little more ready for this kind of combat.

What are armored cars?

 Armored cars have 4 to 10 off-road wheels which are very unlike tracks that military cars have. They are less expensive than a military vehicle. They typically have a better range and speed than the military cars which have tracks. Armoured cars come along with light armor. Children car Seats

The development of armed cars

 From the time of steel-plated war wagons technology has moved a long way. This didn’t happen overnight. There are different stages through which we can visualize an armed car developing. First, there was just an addition of weapons or armors to the already built military vehicles. Then came the armed cars which were made from scratch. These differed in the placements of weapon, the amount of coverage of the car and the speed with which these cars operated.

What to look for in an armored car?

 An armored car, from the name itself, suggests it is a heavy-duty car. It works on the principle that it should be difficult to break into. It can resist robbery and a hijack mission. It has glass that is resistant to bullets.

What is INKAS?

INKAS is a private Canadian company that holds a special position in manufacturing, development, and security services. They started with services that sent messages via an armed fashion to the merchants of that local area and now they have expanded to efficiently include services like cash management and solutions regarding security. They play an immense and respectable role in providing equipment and service to clean up oil spills of the entire world. With the rising problem with our environment in today’s world, we desperately need such technologies to be built and used rampantly.

INKAS Armored cars company


They have made huge popularity in the armored car business. They excel in designing and production of a large number of armored cars like SUVs, vehicles used to transport money, vehicles for a special purpose and other similar types of requirements. INKAS armored cars company has made quite a name for itself. For more information visit here