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There are many betting websites and companies that promise substantial earnings on the stakes made on various matches. Some of them might be fake, many of them charging hidden charges and some of them with not many options for betting. But, some sites like Pointsbet offer many betting options at affordable rates with no hidden costs. What more, you also get Pointsbet sign up bonus and referral bonus, which most of the betting websites refrain from offering. In this article, we shall see how you can stake more and earn more with Points bet. Before that, we shall see how Points bet is different from other betting companies.

How is Points Bet Different From other websites?

Points Bet was founded in 2017 in Australia. It aimed at just one thing – to help the people who bet on the games earn more and lose less.

While other websites offer very limited options to bet the stakes on, Points Bet offers over 500 different kinds of bets and over a hundred of them are not offered anywhere else.

You can bet right from the outcome of any match to the time of the first goal scored – there are many more options with innumerable winning options.

You can also book a stop loss meaning the highest amount you are ready to lose in a stake, but this will also decrease the possibilities of your earning substantially.

Ways to Earn more with Points bet

Here are a few ways to maximise your earning capabilities through Points Bet.

#1 Pointsbet sign up bonus

Yes, you get a bonus to even sign up on the website. So, if you have signup with $100, you will get $50 bonus right away. So, you will be left with $150 to stake. Remember that this is applicable only when you sign up on the website and there are offers. So, with pointsbet sign up bonus, you get to stake 50% of your initial bet.

#2 Take calculated risks

The betting screen automatically shows what is the maximum money you can earn and/lose with the particular bet. Go ahead only if you find the stake reasonable for the loss. Never have unrealistic expectations from any game. Play safe with reasonable risks.

Another thing to remember is that you should never take this up as a profession if you lack knowledge regarding the knacks. Learn a lot till you get into this as a professional. Also, never stake everything you have, no matter how promising the bet is.

These were a few ways to earn more through Pointsbet sign up bonus and by taking calculated risks. All the best!!