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Paris Fashion Week is an event squeal held twice in a year in Paris, France. It is a platform for fashion designers to present their art and is worth seeing.

Steps to get invitation for participation in Paris Fashion Week

  • Pay a visit to the website and check the schedules for the upcoming events and shows. Paris has two fashion weeks per year, Spring Summer and Fall Winter. If present year’s schedule has not been updated yet then go through the previous year’s schedule since schedules are almost same every year.
  • This schedule is very helpful in understanding the process of requesting participation when the schedules do become available nearly a month before the event.
  • Send a mail to the person in charge of participation. The mail address can be availed from the website. The mail must comprise of details such as
  • Who are you?
  • Why are you interested in participating the show?
  • If you have a big following on social media you should also mention it.
  • Do not forget to put your postal address in the mail since fashion houses send invitations for participation via postal letters.
  • Don’t panic if messages are not responded, majority of the invitations are received just a week before the event. Invitation is received either email or invites in the post. Visit Christmas Makeups

The shows are all over Paris in all different venues. The shows are a fantastic opportunity to present in front of public the art of a new designer, see the art of designers and incredible designers.