Posted on: April 17, 2019 Posted by: Jeanette George Comments: 0

Europe is the best continent that has plenty of places to look at. Most Americans tend to pack their backpack and travel to Europe if they got a small vacation. The continent is modern and looks foreign for every American that makes them feel excited about traveling to various countries here. The different countries of Europe have different cultures, traditions, and cuisines that make the travelers have different experiences in a single trip. Following are the different reasons that Americans like traveling to Europe the most.

  • History: You could not see ancient buildings in America as they were destroyed at the time of European invasion. But in Europe, you can find many buildings and infrastructure that are a few centuries old.
  • Ancestors: Some Americans wish to travel to Europe as their ancestors came from there. There is a common bond that connects both people. But at present, everything got changed and this change is driving more Americans towards it.
  • Transportation: You can easily move around the continent as there are multiple modes at almost all times. The flights are cheaper, and there are many modes of transport like buses, trains, cabs and sharing rides that make the transport both cheaper and efficient.
  • Infrastructure: The infrastructure in Europe is a beautiful blend of both traditional and modern architecture which attracts more Americans to explore the place.
  • Price: The price of stay or living is quite affordable compared to the living expense in America.

Americans travel to Europe not only to explore the beautiful continent but also to live the memories left by their ancestors.