123movie: One Stop Solution For Movies?

Are you tired of not getting tickets for your favourite movies? Not happy with your seats in the theatre? Can’t watch your favourite flick because of expensive tickets? Don’t want to pay the subscription? One stop solution is 123movie! Don’t worry it’s not a TV commercial or any kind of promotion. But you do have come across these types of lines on a daily basis now, as they are meant to be very influential and very catchy. Are they true? Well most of them it is. As its name suggests, it’s basically a website which can be accessed through PC as well as mobile.

So what does it do?

Anyone who is visiting it can watch any videos or movies online. They can also download the same for future viewing. Basically, it works as a torrent server which has a lot of directories through which you can stream any movies online. The best part about this is, it’s completely free.  You don’t have to pay any kind of subscription fee or any registration in that site. Just go to the website and watch your favourite movies and shows.


Now, that was all the good stuff which every website have to talk about. But if you look carefully basically it’s a copyright infringement. What movietube is doing is pooling or pirating different movies and videos and allowing the users to access them without paying. In short, it is a form of piracy, where without authorized from the owners you are making these all paid stuff avail vale for free.

Good or bad: The two sides of a coin

There is a lot of banter or you can say opinion on these types of websites. As from a point of view of investors or movie makers, this causes a lot of financial losses every year in the form of piracy. But if you talk about the reach of this amongst common people who can’t afford to watch or they don’t have much time to go, this is the solution.

Well, there are lots of alternatives too like, Netflix etc. but people are more inclined to 123movie as it’s free. And it will be there for quite a long time as nothing is deleted from the internet. So, whether you should access it or not? Totally your call, but it’s always good to appreciate someone’s hard work while you enjoy their stuff.

You can visit this link https://123movies.gallery/ to watch 123movies.